How Do You Get Rid Of Unwanted Body Hair By Up to 69%?

Hair on your head is a good thing. It’s the hair that grows on your other body parts that you may want to remove.

Body hair might not be such a big deal if there were a one size fits all way to get rid of unwanted growth for every part of the body.

Some guys are naturally hairy and will grow unwanted hair almost anywhere on their body. Typically, this includes the chest, back, neck, arms, legs, feet, and rear, as well as the obvious areas including the arm pits and genital region.

Treatment options to remove unwanted hair will depend on the location of the unwanted growth . However, there may be a way to prevent body hair before it blossoms on any part of your body and regardless of density.

We’ll review in this article…

Do men need hair removal?


“The obvious way to get rid of body hair is simply to shave it off. This is the easiest method, it’s convenient and it’s relatively painless. Men can shave their face and any part of their body.

The downside of shaving? Results are very short-term. Many guys see stubble within just a few hours, otherwise known as the five o’ clock shadow.

Depilatory Creams

A step up from shaving are depilatory creams. These are chemicals that dissolve the proteins in body hair, which causes unwanted growth to fall off. Like shaving, this is a convenient method to get rid of body hair – just apply after a bath or shower, wait, and rub it off with a damp cloth.

Depilatory creams are less effective on larger areas, like the back (kinda hard to apply these by yourself on the back!). You should never use a depilatory cream on your eyebrows, as the chemicals within can drip into your eyes and cause serious damage.


Longer-lasting results and decidedly painful, many a Hollywood movie has featured a scene in which a hairy man has various parts of his hirsuteness torn away amidst screams of pain and laughter from his friends.

Waxing has drawbacks. Aside from the pain (ouch!), home kits can be messy and inconvenient, and infections aren’t uncommon when performed in a salon, some of which won’t do a full-body wax.

Hair Growth Inhibitors

Another, and perhaps more effective way to get rid of body hair is to prevent it before it develops. In this light, a natural hair growth inhibitor is most often a more convenient, effective and longer-lasting solution.

Stop Grow by Skinception is formulated with three plant-derived active ingredients. The product is guaranteed for an impressive 90 days and if consumer reviews are any indication, Stop Grow might be the best way to get rid of body hair and feel good about your newly claimed body.”


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